How to Become Irresistible to Women

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white-1822497_1920More than relaxing on a boat in the middle of a lake fishing, and more than watching sports, men want to get laid. If that sounds like you, it means you’re a normal guy.

But wanting something and getting it are two different matters. Just because you want something is no guarantee that you’ll get it – unless you know the techniques that can help you achieve your goal of getting that hot chick and getting laid.

If you check out a system like Make Women Want You Now, you’ll see the techniques that you can learn to become a highly sought after man around town. You have to understand what you’ve been doing wrong and what you need to do in order to get it right.

First, look at how women react when it comes to the steps that lead up to her making up her mind on whether she’s putting out or not.

The Involuntary Response

Women don’t just have sex with you because you want to. That’s one of the biggest lies that you’ll ever believe. In fact, women have a healthy lust factor the same way that men do.

The difference with women, though, is found in the way that the connection is approached. You have to make that connection first and believe it or not, that connection isn’t a physical one.

You need to know how you can create a connection with a woman if you want to get into her pants. This connection is not physical or visual. This connection is an involuntary one from her.

With an involuntary response, that means that you have to know how to trip a response in her that’s chemical based. Inside her emotional brain, a woman has a chemical response when it comes to the opposite sex.

This chemical response is your golden ticket to sex, but most men don’t know about this response. This response is everything that’s important because it’s this response that you can use that will cause you to get laid by the hottest girls around.

If you think that she doesn’t have the same deep drive as a man, you’d be wrong. She can be just as driven by desire as a man can – but not too many men grasp this because they’ve never been taught.

Tapping into this chemical response leads you to a well of want in a woman. When you tap into that chemical response, a woman loses the ability to not want you back in return.

She won’t be able to help herself because her brain is throwing out all sorts of responses that lead her straight to you. In fact, she’ll be so hot for you that she’ll be the one doing the chasing and you’ll end up having to juggle your sex calendar so that you can fit all the women you’ll have into the lineup.

Best of all about this chemical response in her brain is that it makes her a sure thing regardless of you. You don’t have a thing to do with it. That means no rejection, and no going home unfulfilled.

When you unleash this chemical response in a woman, nothing about you will matter to tip the scales unfavorably. That means that you don’t have to be a good looking guy.

You don’t have to have a fat bank account. You don’t even have to be her type. In fact, you can bring zero to the table and you’re still going to end up causing her to want to spread those formerly off limits legs just for you.

pexels-photo-24161Women Are Feelings First, Sex Second

There’s no wonder that when it comes to women, so many men just can’t seem to understand them. You may have experienced this barrier in the past and not even realized it.

You just chalked it up to men and women being different and moved on. But you don’t need to do that. If you can grasp the techniques to use to get you want you want.

It will help you overcome these barriers. The barriers go something like this: you’re ready to get laid and so you make your move. You think the timing is right, all systems are go – but you end up getting shut down before you even get to second base.

So what went wrong?

While you were busy thinking about how fast you could get her clothes off, she was sending you a clear signal that she was a no go and you completely missed it.

Yes, it’s hard to think straight when your sex drive is in high gear and your mind is preoccupied. But if you want to have sex with her, you have to do something first that ensures the outcome of the situation.

Remember the involuntary response we mentioned earlier? That involuntary response is attached to a woman’s switch. This switch is something that you have to turn on because it paves the way to that involuntary response.

The two work hand in hand together to get you what you want. The switch is her emotional trigger and here’s how it all ties in with you getting laid whenever you want it.

A man has a drive to be successful in every area of his life. It makes him feel like a man. It gives him self-confidence or swagger if you will. If he’s not successful in one area, he feels like a failure in all areas. It’s his wiring.

Unlike a man, a woman does not need to be or even feel successful within herself or in any area of her life in order to feel like a woman. She doesn’t link her outer success with herself the way that a man does.

But, she does need something from a man that makes her want to put out. If you don’t give her this something, you’re not going to be able to switch her trigger on and get to that involuntary response you need to trip.

This is not rocket science. It’s actually very simple and yet time and again, most men miss it. A woman has to feel secure with you or you’re not getting anywhere with her.

That’s pretty simple stuff. When a woman feels like she’s around a guy who’s safe, it makes her let down her guard. She can be vulnerable with you. This gives you access to her involuntary response.

Feeling safe around a man is what makes a woman horny. It’s what does it for her. You’ll learn about these safe triggers in systems like Make Women Want You Now and you’ll see exactly how to put them in motion.

When we say safe, we’re not talking about you acting like some guy would who’s in the friend zone. This safety is referring her feeling like she can trust you enough to let you in on all her secret desires.

When a woman feels safe sexually around a man, not only are you getting laid, but you’re going to get laid in ways that will make you want to weep from the sheer satisfaction of it all.

Work the Pre-Selection Factor

Pre-selection is a term that means women want you. They want to have sex with you. But the principle is based similar to the way that dominoes work. You know how when you push one domino and they all start to fall over?

That’s the same way pre-selection works. With dominoes, one block always follows another when it’s given a push. With pre-selection, one woman wants the man that another woman already has.

And this is not an occasional thing. This is an always factor. This is why that you’ll see short, ugly, out of shape men be able to cheat on their wives or girlfriends with a hot girl who’s willing to give it up any time of the day.

She wants this unattractive guy simply because another woman did. It’s all based on the way that rejection sets a man up for failure. Rejected men get rejected. Accepted men get accepted.

A hot woman that you’d like to have sex with notices that you’re not getting turned down by women. This opens the door for you to have sex with other women.

Don’t worry about it if you’re already in a committed relationship. Women actually desire a man even more if he’s already committed to being with someone else. There’s a good reason why pre-selection increases your chances of getting laid – and it has to do with the perception women have about men.

Men are driven by testosterone. It makes them crave sex more often than not. This drive often leads a man to have sex with random women regardless of who they are, how they met and sometimes even whether they’re pretty and in shape or fat and out of shape.

They don’t care who she is or even if she’s already with another guy. What matters to a man is that she’s willing. Women, on the other hand, want to have sex with men that don’t have a rejection rate.

The reason for this is because a man who sleeps with women, even if it’s a lot of women, is considered a good man. Mainly because he’s wanted. He’s the guy in high demand and women see that.

They figure that if others want him, then he has to be a good man. It’s crazy, but that’s the way that a woman’s brain works.

The Way to Show Interest That Leads to Sex

Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to show that you’re interested in a woman. If you do it the wrong way, you’re going home alone and you can forget about getting laid.

But if you do it the right way, you’ll be able to have your pick among the women that you meet. When a man shows interest in a woman, it can turn her off. Here’s why:

That hot girl knows that you want you when you show interest. What this does is to put the ball firmly in her court. She then controls the game play and decides if you’re worth allowing to get close to her.

You don’t ever want to give up control when it comes to showing interest in a woman. You have to show interest, but you have to do it in such a way that the control never leaves your hand.

You do this by taking control in a genuine way. Yes, the goal is to get laid – but you don’t have to be a jerk to accomplish that goal. Too many men believe that if they act arrogant, women will fall at their feet.

Reality is that the woman is thinking what a jerk this guy is. Wanting to get laid does not make you a jerk. But thinking that it’s all she’s good for does. Plus, that kind of thinking will come out in the way that you interact with her.

You can use a technique and that’s fine but you have to be genuine with the way that you handle your approach. This is especially important if the woman has a high hotness factor because beautiful women can be very picky.

There are some things that are okay to do and other things are not okay. It’s okay and even encouraged that you let her know that other women want you. This behavior ups her interest in you.

Now if you come right out and say that other women want you, she’s going to think it’s ego talking. You always have to have the proof. You do this by making sure that your online life has plenty of evidence of that.

On your social media sites, have pictures that show you interacting with and having fun with beautiful women. Dating photos, hanging out at the beach photos or having drinks at a bar with a beautiful woman are great pre-selection hooks.

So use plenty of those. Make sure that your online life shows that women everywhere are interested in you. Have photos of you interacting with other women on your cell phone photo log.

This shows the woman you want to have sex with that you’re the kind of guy that other beautiful women find desirable. You should also make sure that you show her that you’re not a one-dimension kind of guy.

You do this by showing an interest in her life outside of the bedroom. While this might seem like a bore to you, showing interest outside the bedroom leads to going into the bedroom.

You should ask questions about what she does for work, and what she enjoys doing in her off time. You should ask her favorite places to hang out and what her favorite foods are.

You can do this and not have her think you’re being too eager. This is simply conversation that’s focused on her and it makes her think that you’re genuinely interested in her as more than a body – even if you’re not really.

pexels-photoThe 3 Steps That Arouse a Woman

While a man can go from zero to sixty in just a few seconds when they’re ready to have sex, it doesn’t work that way for a woman. You have to know the three main techniques to use that arouse a woman and make her want you like she just can’t get enough of you.

If you don’t know these techniques, you need to check out the Make Women Want You Now system so that you can learn them. Because if you don’t know them, you might find that you get laid hit and miss – but you’ll miss more times than you’ll hit.

Most men have the mistaken belief that arousal for a woman starts with touch and that it begins before the physical act of sex. But women don’t turn it on like a man does.

When a woman turns him down for sex, a man thinks that either he blew his chance or the woman is just the kind who doesn’t like sex. That’s a lie that men believe.

Women like sex and most of them like it as much as a man does. What they don’t like is the clumsy, inept approach that unlearned men use. For example, did you know that for a woman, the slower the buildup, the more powerful the sex?

You might not understand the importance of this because you’ve never experienced it. So here’s the bottom line. The more aroused a woman is before you even broach the idea of her having sex with you, the greater your chances are that you’re going to get laid.

You have to start approaching her by understanding what her pleasure centers are. You have to work these before you can seal the deal. Then, when you do seal the deal, you can expect sex in a way that you’ve never experienced it before.

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