Why Women Can’t Diet Like Men

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How many of you have gone through a process where you launch a diet alongside a man in your life? It might be a spouse, a sibling – even a group of coworkers.exercise-weight-woman-sport

What often happens is the man sheds fat extremely fast – with much less effort, while you struggle to lose even 1-2 pounds a week, and hit more plateaus than you care to admit.

It’s frustrating.

The reason most women have trouble losing weight is because they’re trying to diet like a man.

You’re not made like a man, so this doesn’t work.

Weight loss isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. In fact, many women will find they have different weight loss struggles than their friends do.

Grasping at Straws

What usually happens is desperation kicks in. You’re so frustrated by your lack of success and the stagnant state you’re in that you jump on any trend you can find out about, such as:

* Eating nothing but cabbage soup 24/7
* Gorging yourself on nothing but meat
* Giving up everything in one food group
* Not eating at all, but living off of water only as long as possible

It’s all unsafe and will cause your body to fight back with an even bigger storage of fat (for survival) the minute you start eating normal foods again – because living on one of the extreme weight loss plans above isn’t a long-term option.

When you’re out of options, and nothing’s working – what happens?

Depression kicks in.

John Barban of The Venus Factor talks about this in his video where he shares the touching story about his sister Lisa. He was able to take his own flabby body and morph it into something amazing, but his sister didn’t have the same results.

He saw her sadness and actually did something about it, honing in on a single metabolism tip that finally helped turn her weight loss switch “on.”

With himself and his guy friends, the solid advice that’s been around forever worked. He just had to apply it. But women are different – and no one was solving that one single issue – that one discrepancy that shattered the one diet fits all mindset.

pexels-photo-136404The Biggest Loser – Doesn’t Have to Be You!

Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser? Chances are, if you’ve struggled with dieting, you have. Maybe you did it to get motivated – to get that butt kicking speech the trainers give into your head.

Maybe you thought seeing the 20-pound weekly weight loss numbers would help you. And it probably did … at first.

But then you realize that’s the exception to the rule, and even on that TV show, the men were able to lose WAY more than the women did!

It took John Barban two full years to find the solution for his sister. When he did uncover it, she lost 53 pounds in 5 months. That equals about 2.63 pounds a week – a nice, healthy weight loss.

The secret isn’t found in Jillian Michaels yelling in your face.

It’s a specific hormone that Barban pinpointed where women have it – but their bodies aren’t using it properly.

Don’t you wish there was a simple on/off switch you could flip to make it work for you?

Another interesting thing Barban found in his research was that when you literally go on a “diet” – where you’re cutting calories and depriving yourself of specific foods, your levels of that hormone plummet – faster and more than a man’s.

Aren’t you lucky?

Actually, now you are! Because once you know the problem – and you know it’s not willpower or some strategic fad diet or extreme exercise program – you’re empowered.

Empowered weight loss is being informed and knowing how to find a solution. It’s not looking at your husband or boyfriend and feeling like a failure because you’re doing the same thing they’re doing and yet for you, the pounds aren’t coming off.

Women Are Notorious for Yo-Yo Dieting

Have you ever noticed that when a man and a woman diet, and they “fall off the wagon,” the woman’s weight piles on at extreme speeds and in huge amounts compared to how slow and insignificant in volume that a man’s comes back on?

That’s all thanks to a woman’s specific hormone stores – the one that signals to your brain that it needs to go into survival mode and slow the engine down so that you’re not only not burning fat, but storing as much extra fat as possible.

It sucks knowing you’re not living in the caveman era where your body might need that protection – and yet your body doesn’t know that. It just knows you were once eating ample amounts of food (and it liked it) and then you weren’t (and it made you drained of energy, irritable, and unhappy) – and now you’re eating again – so it’s going to save up for a rainy day.

Yo yo dieting is when your weight starts high, drops to a nice low level, and rises back up again – and it’s so very dangerous for your body.

It also makes it hard for you to lose weight again, so the longer you allow yourself to jump on and off the diet rain, the more long-term damage you’ll be doing – and you’ll find it hard to lose weight the next time around.

You’re probably just thinking about aesthetics – about how you hate the cottage cheese look on your thighs. But get a bit deeper in the problem here.

Yo yo dieting can:

* Increase your risk of developing heart disease because your cells get damaged and can’t promote blood flow properly.
* Ruin your metabolism
* Increase your risk of cancer
* Increase your risk of developing diabetes
* Flood your body with cortisol (the stress hormone)
* Ruin your arteries
* Raise your LDL (bad cholesterol)

And guess what? If you’ve yo yo dieted more than five times, you’re at an even BIGGER risk in your life.

So now you’re panicking thinking you’re scared – because what if you go on another diet journey and fail again?

That’s what Barban is working to help women avoid with The Venus Factor. Watching his sister go through it, he initially created this system just to help his loved one – but of course, it’s now helping women worldwide stop the crazy diet train and have long-term weight loss success instead.

Some women – Moms in particular, have an even tougher time. If you’re a Mom, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. You love your kids. But an unfortunate fact that Barban reveals is that women who have been pregnant have it even worse when it comes to their bodies hanging onto fat for stored energy!

The Solution Isn’t Starvation

You’ve already gone that route – the overly restricted calories, the insane workout schedule. By the time you’re done draining your body of energy, you couldn’t even enjoy the weight loss if you wanted to.

If you diet alongside a man in your life, then you might get worse with your extreme desperation. You’re sitting there seeing him effortlessly lose weight, so you might even get down to 500 calories and a 2-hour workout.

You might see your hair start to fall out if you do this. Your muscles get weaker, not stronger. Your blood pressure plummets to dangerously low levels. You feel weak and can’t muster up the energy to complete day-to-day tasks.

The Venus Factor isn’t about starvation and killing yourself on the treadmill. It’s about looking at one specific hormone in a woman’s body as this huge unused resource – and he shows you how he helped his sister tap into hers.

The system is designed to work over the span of 12 weeks. There isn’t a horrid food restriction list where you can’t have this and can’t have that favorite food. That sets you up to fail right away.

You will find out which foods trigger fat storage – and it’s a surprising list because all you’re thinking is “donuts” or “chocolate,” but you have to understand how your body works – it’s odd which foods it uses to convert into a “fat net” of sorts.

This is more about the one thing you have to add to your body to ignite your metabolism. It’s kind of like firing up a grill – you have the coals already there, but without the match, nothing will happen.

During his research, Barban discovered an herbal connection that helps your body use that hormone stored in your body to fight fat. But most women don’t even know about it.

active-19413_1920Like Spot Training for the Body

Spend about 5-10 minutes looking at your body in the mirror. Name the top two areas where fat piles up most. For women, it’s often the stomach, thighs, or buttocks.

There’s no exercise that helps you spot train where you can lose weight in those specific areas. But there is a way to shed fat in the places where your body likes to store it most.

Not only is there no exercise to help you spot train, but every woman has a unique physical makeup that can help or hurt them whenever they follow one of those “one size fits all” programs.

When you’re signed up for The Venus Factor, you have a built in virtual trainer that takes your specific data and creates a plan that works best for you. There are no weekly weigh in meetings or budget crushing frozen meal plans you have to pick up from your local center each week.

Barban doesn’t just go into the hormone and herbal tips. He points out how the workout routines women do – well, they’re also designed for … men!

It’s like the whole diet industry was created for men, by men – and everyone just assumed that women could apply the same concepts and get the same results. We all know that’s not true.

A woman’s body stores fat differently. It also burns fat differently. Your husband isn’t sitting there with cottage cheese thighs – he might have a unique issue, like man boobs or flabby arms.

You have to go with a program that’s designed specifically for a woman’s hormones and body type. Those long, hard workouts that men like to do at the gym?

They’re NOT RIGHT for women. Yet you’ve been putting your body through that year after year as you struggle to shed pounds and get the figure back that you desire.

It’s time for you to take full advantage born out of one brother’s love for his sister. Look into what John Barban did for Lisa and then get the relief you need to help you stoke the fat loss fires once and for all.

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